2019 Seminar Series List

Upcoming Seminars for this year below:

November 20th:  Reinforcement Learning for Robot Learning by Diego Romeres

December 4th: Bayesian Graph Signal Processing for Ocean Sciences by Florian Meyer


Previous Seminars from this year below:

April 16th: Crystalline Oxides for Emerging Microelectronic Devices by Maruf Amin Bhuiyan.

May 9th:  Toward Smart and Secure Cyber Physical Systems by Haibo He and Yan Sun

June 13th: New IR Tunable Filter for Missile Warning System by Meir Danino

July 25th: Physics Guided Deep Learning for Large-Scale Spatiotemporal Analysis by Qi (Rose) Yu

October 9th: Light Detection and Ranging and Self Driving Car Applications by Indrid Xhuti

November 13th: Swarm Robotics for Collective Construction by Justin K Werfel