Dipayan Ghosh: From Storrs To The White House

This semester, Dipayan Ghosh (B.S. Electrical Engineering ’10) is interning at the White House, where he’s working on technology policy issues in the Executive Office of the President. Ghosh, an Honors Program student at UConn, majored in electrical engineering and minored in math, economics, and nanotechnology as a University Scholar.


Upstate New York

After graduating from UConn, he moved on to study for a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where he received funding for his work from both the Department of Defense and Cornell. His doctoral thesis argues that while engineers can design technical solutions for privacy, it is usually difficult to adopt private or “privacy-aware” technologies in practice due to the conflicting objectives of various stakeholders. Ghosh’s doctoral research provides an approach to solving this problem by applying game theory and cryptography to design privacy-aware technologies. Further, his thesis discusses the set of economic conditions required to ensure the adoption of privacy-preserving technical solutions. Ghosh’s work has resulted in a series of policy recommendations and economic findings on the assurance of privacy in technology.

The White House

After finishing his studies at Cornell, he started working at the White House in technology policy as an intern in the Executive Office of the President. Currently, Ghosh is collaborating with the senior advisor for technology policy responsible for a wide range of policy issues at the intersection of technology and the American economy, from Internet connectivity throughout the nation to assessing the impact of the big data revolution on the individual citizen.


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Published: June 3, 2014

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