ECE faculty win awards

Prof. Peter Willett was awarded the 2020 AAUP Excellence in Research and Creativity Career Award. This award recognizes scholarship with a national and international reputa­tion, outstanding service in promoting scholarship at UConn, and long-term impact on UConn scholarship.  Prof. Willett is an internationally acclaimed researcher in Signal Detection, Target Tracking, and Advanced Sensor Data Fusion and has made pioneering contributions to association and fusion of data from multiple heterogeneous sources, distributed detection of objects, learning from data, fault diagnosis and prognosis, and wireless communications.

Prof. David Tonn received the 2020-21 CETL Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award for his commitment to teaching, demonstrated knowledge of pedagogy, and an interest in fostering innovative teaching practices at the University.  Prof. Tonn has been a long-time adjunct professor for the ECE Department teaching several courses including ECE 2000: Electrical and Computer Engineering Principles, ECE 2001: Electrical Circuits, and ECE 3431: Numerical Methods in Scientific Computation.  

Prof. John Ayers was awarded the 2020 School of Engineering Distinguished Engineering Educator Award by the School of Engineering in recognition of his outstanding teaching at the undergraduate level over the last 30 years.   Prof. Ayers has been a University Teaching Fellow and is for many EE students, the first ECE professor that they encounter as he has taught ECE 2001: Electrical Circuits for many years.

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Published: June 3, 2020

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