Strange Things Happen at Small Scales

Strange things happen at small scales, one of which was observed and explained by the team of Electrical & Computer Engineering associate professors, Drs. Ali Gokirmak and HelenaSilva, post-doc and alumnus Dr. Gokhan Bakan (Ph.D. ’12), and alumnus and former Nanoelectronics Laboratory member Niaz Khan (M.S. ’11) in, “High-temperature Thermoelectric Transport at Small Scales: Thermal Generation, Transport and Recombination of Minority Carriers,” in  Scientific Reports, the open access journal of Nature (published online September 23, 2013). The manuscript, which Dr. Gokirmak notes is the culmination of seven years’ research, explains why a current carrying uniform micro-wire melts on one-end but not the other.

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Published: October 9, 2013

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