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COVID-19: Resources for Students

More information about the reopening process can be found through the UConn reopening page.

ECE classes will be delivered through a mixture of remote/online and in-person modalities.  Check StudentAdmin for the details on your specific class.  Here is a rough description of the different modalities.

  • WW = Online: These classes are fully online and meet asynchronously (i.e. not at a specific time) – classes in this mode will not a have a room or time associated with them.
  • DL = Distance Learning: These classes are fully online but meet synchronously (i.e. at a specific time) – classes in this mode will have a time associated with them, but not a room.
  • HB = Hybrid/Blended:These classes are a mix of in-person and online, depending upon the needs of the class. Some meetings may be in person, while others may be online, as determined by the instructor. Classes in this mode will have both a room and a time associated with them.
  • SP= Split/In person: These classes are in-person but at a reduced capacity – you’ll only attend class in-person during certain meetings, determined by the instructor, in order to keep room occupancies under the required capacity limits. Other times, you will be online, synchronously or asynchronously. Classes in this mode will have both a room and a time associated with them.
  • P = In Person: These classes will be fully in-person, as you are probably most used to. They will have both a room and time associated with them.

If you are unsure about what the distinctions are, contact your instructor.  Please check your email and HuskyCT announcements regularly as the instructors will communicate directly with the students enrolled in their courses.

Do feel free to reach out to them with any questions or concerns as well as to the department administration:

John Chandy
Professor and Department Head

Shengli Zhou
Professor and Associate Department Head

Liang Zhang
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

The ECE main office will be open certain days of the week, if you need to pick up packages, sign out keys, sign forms, etc.  Send an email to Uconn-ECEAdmin@uconn.edu and make an appointment to come to the office.


Online Instruction Resources

General HuskyCT instructions: https://irc.uconn.edu/student-resources-for-huskyct/

E-campus FAQs: https://onlinestudent.uconn.edu/frequently-asked-questions/

General video on online tests in HuskyCT: https://mediasite.dl.uconn.edu/Mediasite/Play/7adcc185c1554aabb086d34fd33afc251d

Instructions on how to download and use LockDown Browser for an online exam: https://irc.uconn.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/77/2019/10/Student-Guide-for-LockDown-Browser.pdf


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will every course have live or pre-recorded lectures?

Not necessarily. The delivery of each course depends on individual instructors and they are likely to include a variety of delivery modes, including pre-recorded and/or live lectures, live discussions using Collaborate Ultra, WebEx, and reading materials. Please expect more communication from your instructors via email and HuskyCT.

Q: What will happen to exams?

If the class is online, each instructor will use a different approach for each particular course. Exams may be shifted to online mode using HuskyCT (see resources). These can be synchronous using the Respondus LockDown Browser Technology, or asynchronous, i.e. take-home tests. Instructors may decide to change their assessments to a project or other format. Again, make sure to consult with individual instructors and HuskyCT sites for each of your courses.

Q: What about lab classes?

Some lab classes will be in-person but may have hybrid approaches in order to facilitate physical distancing.  Other labs may be online in some form.  Some of them will provide synthesized data so that students can perform the analysis needed to complete the required reports even without being on campus. Others are switching over to using simulation instead of actual hardware design, and others will have lab exercises that can be done at home. We are working to ensure that all required software will be available on Skybox. Please expect more communication from your instructor.

Q: I do not have a computer. What do I do?

If you are on campus, you will still have access to the computer labs in ITE. Students can check out a laptop for up to four hours from the library https://lib.uconn.edu/services/technology-services/borrow-technology/

If you are off campus, the department does not have the ability to provide you with either a computer or an Internet connection; students will have to make their own arrangements. Your town’s public library may be a resource, but note that many towns are closing their libraries out of an abundance of caution. The School of Engineering has provided a solution to access computer labs remotely, but that will still require a personal computer and Internet connection.

Q: I am registered with CSD. What will happen to my accommodations in the new mode?

You will still receive any support that you need to be successful. Contact your instructors and CSD immediately to make sure they are aware and take the necessary steps.

Q: I am conducting an independent study with lab research involved. What do I do?

Please contact your instructor to develop an alternative plan that will allow you to complete the independent study remotely.

Q: I am sick. What do I do?

Seek immediate medical attention. Contact your instructor as soon as possible and make alternative arrangements to make up for missed work.