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This laboratory is equipped with CVD reactors for Ge and Si growth; MOCVD reactors for ZnS, ZnMgSSe, ZnZnCdSe growth (including a quantum dot growth setup) and PL and X-Ray setups for characterization; a photolithographic clean room to process lasers, transistors and integrated circuits; measurement setups to characterize lasers, modulators, and filters; and dedicated workstations for computer-aided design (Cadence) and simulation. Current research is focused on 1.55 micron MQW optical modulators, tunable lasers, SiGe FETs, terahertz MODFETs and quantum interference transistors, quantum dot-based nan phosphors and laser

Current Work:

  • Quantum Dot Channel FETs and Nonvolatile Random Access Memory.
  • Quantum Dot Optical Modulators and Lasers.
  • Spatial Wavefunction Switched (SWS) FETs and 2-bit Compact SRAMs.
  • Tandem Solar Cells.
  • Multi Analyte Biosensor Platform.