Abhishek Dutta

Assistant Professor
Office: ITE 347
Phone: (860) 486-2210
Email: abhishek.dutta@uconn.edu




  • Postdoc., Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2016
  • Ph.D., Electromechanical Engineering, Ghent University, 2014.
  • MSc., Informatics, University of Edinburgh, 2007.
  • MSc., Informatics, University of Trento, 2007.


Research Interests:

Control system, Optimization, Mechatronics, Cyber-physical systems security, Systems engineering.


Academic Experience:

  • Junior Member, Wolfson College Cambridge, 2014.
  • Research Assistant, Technical University Munich, 2009.
  • Research Scholar, Nanyang Technological University, 2008.



  • Erasmus Mundus Association.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • Trinity Mathematical Society.



Informatics Prize for Outstanding Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2007.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

  • Dutta A, Langbort C. Stealth output injection attacks on control systems with bounded variables. International Journal of Control, 2016: 1-14. 
  • Dutta A, Depraetere B, Ionescu C-M, Pinte G, Swevers J, De Keyser R. Comparison of two-level NMPC and ILC strategies for wet-clutch control, Control Engineering Practice (Elsevier-IFAC Journal), Volume 22, January 2014, P. 114-124 (Impact Factor ~2).
  • Dutta A, Loccufier M, Ionescu C-M, De Keyser R. Robust Penalty Adaptive Model Predictive Control (PAMPC) of Constrained, Underdamped, Non-collocated systems. SAGE Journal of Vibration and Control, 2016, 22(2), 549-558.
  • Dutta A, Zhong Y, Depraetere B, Vaerenbergh K, Ionescu C-M, Wyns B, Pinte G, Nowe A, Swevers J, De Keyser R. Model- based and model-free learning strategies for wet clutch control. Elsevier-IFAC journal of Mechatronics, Volume 24, Issue 8, December 2014, P. 1008-1020.
  • Dutta A, Ionescu C-M, De Keyser R. A Pragmatic Approach to Distributed Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: Application to a Hydrostatic Drivetrain in Optimal Control Applications and Methods, Special Issue on Distributed Model Predictive Control, 36.3 2015, 369-380.

Conference Proceedings:

  • Dutta A, Hartley E, Maciejowski J, De Keyser R. Certification of a class of industrial predictive controllers without terminal conditions. Proceedings of the Conf. on Decision & Control. California, LA, USA: IEEE; 2014. p. 6695-6700.
  • *Dutta A, De Keyser R, Ionescu C-M, Pinte G, Stoev J, Symens W. Robust predictive control design for optimal wet-clutch engagement. Proceedings of the American Control Conference. Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE; 2012. p. 4576–81. *Best Presentation in Session Award
  • *Dutta A, Loccufier M, Ionescu C-M, De Keyser R. Penalty Adaptive Model Predictive Control (PAMPC) of constrained, underdamped, non-collocated mechatronic systems. IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control, Proccedings. 2013. p. 1006-11. *IEEE-CSS Student Support Award
  • Dutta A, Ionescu C-M, Wyns B, De Keyser R, Stoev J, Pinte G, et al. Switched nonlinear predictive control with adaptive references for engagement of wet clutches. In: Lazar M, Allgower F, editors. Nonlinear model predictive control. IFAC; 2012. p. 460-5. 
  • Dutta A, De Keyser R, Dutta A, Nopens I. Robust nonlinear extended prediction self-adaptive control (NEPSAC) of continuous bioreactors. 2012 20th Mediterranean Conference on Control & Automation (MED 2012). Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE; 2012. p. 658–64.