Yang Cao

Office: GANT 157
Phone: (860) 486-0915
Email: yang.cao@uconn.edu


  • PhD in Material Science, University of Connecticut, 2002
  • MS in Condensed Matter Physics, Tongji University, 1995
  • BS in Applied Physics, Tongji University, 1992



  • High voltage engineering
  • Flexible electronics
  • Protection and Grid asset management


  • MURI, Tracking, Diagnosing and Impeding Dielectric Breakdown in Polymers, Co-PI, 8/1/2017-7/31/2022. https://muri.ims.uconn.edu
  • NSF Phase I i/UCRC University of Connecticut Site: Center for Novel High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures (HVT), Site Director, 2/1/2017 –   http://www.hvtcenter.org
  • GE, Arc Interruption Gas Dynamics, PI, 9/1/2013-12/30/2018
  • ONR DURIP (N00014-16-1-2885), PI, 7/15/2016-10/14/2018
  • ONR “High Field Aging” (N00014-16-R-BA01), Co-PI, 7/1/2016-12/31/2018
  • ARL “Nanocoating” (W911NF-16-2-0146), PI, 8/23/2016-12/22/2016
  • ONR “Propulsion Insulation” (N00014-15-1-2413), PI, 5/15/2015-5/14/2019
  • EPR Cable Consortium, PI, 1/1/1998-12/30/2018
  • ONR MURI “Capacitors” (DOD00014-10-1-0944), Co-PI, 10/1/2010-9/30/2016
  • DOE “Wet-Mate DC Connector”, Co-PI, 9/1/2014-6/30-2016
  • DOE “DC Cabling” (DE-AR0000231), PI, 1/22/2012- 2/28/2014


  • Professional: IEEE Senior Member
  • Research: GE Technical Career Award (2013), GE Technical Achievement Award (2011), GE Innovation Award (2010)
  • Service: Guest Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (2015); Member of Technical Program Committee, IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Society 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014



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