ECE Department 2016-17 Awards and Honors

2017 Outstanding Predoctoral Fellowship Recipients

Gopi Vinod Avvari Yan Li Adam Markman
David Sidoti Qihang Shi Xin Shen


Summer 2017 Predoctoral Fellowship Recipients

Ali Abdollahi Vishal Dhagat Rajeev Ghimire
James Hare  Chenglu Jin Nima Karimianbahnemiri 
Wei Kou  Qin Lu Xuesong Lu 
Yiqi Liu   Khushboo Mittal  Manisha Mishra
Pujitha Mannaru   Hamza Omar  Taofeek Orekan
Shahed Enamul Quadir  Harish Ravichandar  Lingyu Ren 
 Junnan Song  Ahmet Teber Fatemeh Tehranipoor 
 Mattewos Tefferi  Ridvan Umaz  Ying Yan
 Danxu Zhang  Lingyi Zhang  


TA Awards

Fall 2016
 Avnish Kumar    
Spring 2017  
 Wenjie Huang  James Wilson  


Best Paper Awards

Martin van Dijk,  D. Fox, Chunming Li, Chenyang Xu and Changfeng Gui, “Distance Regularized Level Set Evolution and Its Application to Image Segmentation,” IEEE Signal Processing Society Conference in March 2016.

Wen Chen, Bahram Javidi, and Xudong Chen, “Advances in optical security systems,”  Advances in Optics and Photonics.

Gang Yao, M. Williams, A. P. Dani, “Gyro-aided Visual Tracking Using Iterative Earth Mover’s Distance,” 2016 International Conference on Information Fusion.

Lingyi Zhag, David Sidoti, Krishna Pattipati and David Castanon, “Approaches for Solving m-Best 3-Dimensional Dynamic Scheduling Problems for Large m,” 2016 International Conference on Information Fusion.

F. A. Althowibi and J. E. Ayers, “X-Ray Analysis of Metamorphic In(x)Ga(1-x)As/ In(y)Ga(1-y)As Superlattices on GaAs (001) Substrates,” Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B.

J.W. Lee, D. Lim, B. Gassend, G.E. Suh, M. van Dijk, and S. Devadas, “A technique to build a secret key in integrated circuits for identification and authentication applications,” Symposium on VLSI Circuits.

Fatemeh Tehranipoor, Wei Yan, and John A. Chandy, “A Study of Power Supply Variation as a Source of Random Noise,” 2017 International Conference on VLSI Design.