Departmental Committees and Assignments

ABET Committee
R. Bansal (Chair), J. Ayers, J. Chandy, A. Gokirmak, R. Ammar (CSE)
Chairman-Opto-electronics Group:
H. Silva
Chairman-Systems Group:
Y. Bar-Shalom
A. Dani
Curricula & Courses Committee:
E. Donkor (Chair), J. Ayers, R. Bansal, J. Chandy, D. Forte, K. Pattipati, H. Silva, L. Zhang, S. Zhou, P. Willett
Eta Kappa Nu:
M. Escabi (Advisor)
Facilities Contact Person:
M. McCarthy/P. Duncan
Graduate Admissions Committee:
J. Ayers,  P. Willett, H. Silva
IEEE-Student Chapter:
A. Gokirmak (Advisor)
Industrial Advisory Board:
 J. Chandy and S. Zhou
Laboratory Committee:
L. Wang (Chair), J. Ayers, E. Donkor, A. Gokirmak, B.Javidi, F. Jain, P. Duncan
Plan of Study:
L. Zhang
PTR Committee:
All Tenured Full Professors except SoE ECE PTR Rep. (R. Bansal) and ECE Dept. Head (J. Chandy).
Chair PTR Committee:
F. Jain
Safety & Energy Monitor:
 P. Duncan
Secretary of the Faculty:
N. Biyikli
SPIE Student Chapter:
 F. Jain (Advisor)
Transfer Credit Approval:
L. Zhang

School of Engineering Committees

ABET Committee:
R. Bansal, J. Chandy (alternate)
Academic Council:
J. Chandy, S. Zhou (alternate)
Alumni Association Committee:
B. Javidi
Computing Advisory Committee:
J. Chandy
Dean’s Advisory Council, PTR:
R. Bansal
Graduate Education & Research Committee:
H. Silva
Open House Committee:
L. Zhang
Safety and Facilities Council:
M. McCarthy/P. Duncan
Scholarship Committee:
E. Donkor

University of Connecticut Committees

ECE Academic Hearing Officer
L. Zhang
Golden Key International Honor Society UConn Student Chapter:
E. Donkor (Advisor)
Graduate Faculty Council
H. Silva, S. Zhou (alternate)
Honors Student Advisor:
K. Pattipati
University Senate:
R. Bansal, A. Anwar, J. Chandy 
Senate Executive Committee:
 R. Bansal
Senate Budget Committee:
R. Bansal
Senate C & C:
 J. Chandy 
Senate Representative to the BOT Financial Affairs Committee:
R. Bansal
Senate Growth And Development Committee:
A. Anwar, F. Jain