Ph.D. Program


PhD in Electrical Engineering Checklist



For the graduate program in Electronics, Photonics, and Biophotonics (excluding the Computer Engineering track), the Ph.D. course requirements are the same as those listed in the graduate catalog: * with the following addition:

    • Two credits of ECE 6094 seminar work are required of all PhD students.
    • Maximum of six credits of ECE 6099 (independent study) toward the required credits.

For the Computer Engineering track, the Ph. D. requirements are listed in this document. 

For the graduate program in Information, Communications, Decision, and Biosystems, the Ph.D requirements are listed in the documents
Requirements for Holders of B.S. Degree  
Requirements for Holders of M.S. Degree 


Each student must maintain a 3.0 overall GPA to remain in good standing. Each student must also be registered for 9 credits or more to be considered full-time unless authorized by their academic advisor for approved research.


Students who drop below a 3.0 overall GPA in any semester are informed by the Graduate School and the Electrical Engineering Program that they are on academic probation. They then have one semester to raise the GPA to 3.0 or better. Failure to do so will result in academic dismissal. A student cannot earn the Ph. D. degree with a final GPA below 3.0


If a student has withdrawn from the program in good standing, then they may be readmitted in the future without a formal application. If more than 5 years have elapsed, the student must obtain permission from the Dean or Program Director.

If a student has withdrawn or been dismissed because of academic probation, the student must obtain permission from the Dean before being re-admitted.

All readmitted student must satisfy the academic standard and curriculum in effect at the time of readmission.


To earn the Electrical Engineering Ph.D. degree, all students must have:

  • by the time of the prospectus: 2 conference proceedings (CP) (full) paper accepted with first authorship (Journal Papers may be substituted for Conference Proceedings.)
  • by the time of the defense: 2 journal papers accepted with first authorship. {For students defending their theses after January 1 , 2016, by the time of the defense: 3 journal papers with first authorship (2 accepted and 1 submitted). [With the approval of the advisory committee, up to 2 journal papers may be replaced by full proceedings papers with first authorship presented at leading international conferences with a documented acceptance rate of under 30% based on data from the previous year.]  In either scenario, at least 1 journal paper should have been accepted by the time of the defense.}
  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • pass a two-part general examination near the end of the formal course work
  • complete a dissertation which represents a significant contribution to the field

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