Nanotechnology is the study of technical materials and devices on the smallest scale. Being small allows manufacturers to add more to a piece of technology than ever before. Nanotechnology involves the study of electrical materials processing, electrical characterization and transport in nanostructures. Nanostructures have applications in solar cells, efficient lighting, and high-speed transistors for smart phones and autonomous vehicle radars, biomedical implants, and more.

Some specific research areas in this field include:

  • Nanostructures, such as thin film transistors
  • Quantum dots (semiconductor nanocrystals)
  • Atomic layer deposition
  • Phase change electronic memory devices
  • Electron transport in small scale devices (microwires) and thermoelectricity
  • Device fabrication

Read more about UConn Faculty's research in Nanotechnology on page 6 of ECE's 2020 Newsletter.

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