Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering involves the integration of hardware and software for computing. This is a wide scope field that spans from broad networks, to processor architecture, to circuit board design and microchips.

Computer Engineering is distinct from Computer Science, which focuses more on software and applications.

The field of computer engineering remains integral to businesses, manufacturing and even at a personal level as we all use computing devices (laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, TVs, etc.) on a daily basis.

Some specific research areas in this field include:

  • Storage - Storage and memory models
  • Security - Hardware security, privacy, systems security in cloud computing and co-located applications that share hardware
  • Integrity - Efficiency and reliability, high performance integrated systems
  • Optimization - Fault-tolerant systems, optimization algorithms

Learn more about our faculty members' research in Computer Engineering on page 8 of ECE's 2020 Newsletter.

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