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ECE Faculty and Student Spotlight


Recognition of Junbo Zhao by IEEE PES, 2024

Prof. Junbo Zhao was recognized by IEEE PES in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month’s 2024 theme of “Advancing Leaders Through Innovation.”


Interview with Ali Bazzi, 2022

Prof. Ali Bazzi was interviewed by WFSB News about technology that can save on energy costs.


Interview with Zongjie (Lisa) Wang, 2022

The Career Champion Program interviewed ECE Assistant Professor Zongjie Wang on becoming a champion, sharing her career experience and information with students, and getting to learn more herself by talking with various people during career conversations.


Interview with Yaakov Bar-Shalom, 2022

ECE Professor Peter Willett interviewed ECE Professor Yaakov Bar-Shalom on many interesting aspects of his life including his childhood, interests, advice and contributions from his career. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) later published the interview. IEEE and it’s societies are widely recognized in the industry, and a trusted “voice” for engineering, computing, and technology information around the world.


Interview With Dr. William Dale Blair, 2022

ECE Professor Peter Willett interviewed Dr. Blair, Fellow of the IEEE and recipient of the 2001 IEEE Nathanson Award for Outstanding Young Radar Engineer. The conversation includes Blair’s memories on getting a PhD while working full time and having a family, going from math struggles to being a math star, working in a Navy lab, resolving disagreements on design with industry engineers and management, and much more    The IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems society later published the interview.


Interview with Rajeev Bansal, 2020

A coffee style conversation between Rajeev Bansal of the University of Connecticut and Katina Michael of Arizona State University on all things engineering education, the need for ethics in computing curricula, experimental models of integrating engineering and the humanities, and the societal pay-offs of tertiary education with flow-on effects to industry and government. Looking back at his career Rajeev presents the case for engineering ethics as an critical outcome of student learning.


Interview with Mehdi Anwar, 2020

Scientific Sense by Gill Eapen presents Prof. Mehdi Anwar of the University of Connecticut -on Memristors, Neuromorphic Computing, Mysteries of the brain and the future of Computing.