Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is the concept of using energy in the most efficient way possible, whether that energy is to fuel a single machine, or an entire city. Renewable energy is energy that is naturally replenished, which does not contribute to environmental problems. Sustainable and renewable energy will be important factor in combating climate change, and have many other benefits such as economic benefits. However, we must also make energy infrastructure resilient, reliable, and secure for our future.

Some specific research areas in this field include:

  • Power systems- power electronics applications in electric motor drives, (such as plug-in, hybrid, and electric vehicles) electric propulsion, efficiency and reliability of power systems
  • Power Grids - micro-grids, smart grids, decarbonization, grid security, stability and resiliency
  • Renewable energy - solar photovoltaics
  • Energy conversion
  • High voltage engineering and high voltage direct current materials

Read more about UConn's research in Sustainable Energy on page 9 of the 2021 ECE Newsletter.

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