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ECE Department 2020-21 Awards and Honors

Faculty Awards

Prof. Peter Willett was awarded the 2020 AAUP Excellence in Research and Creativity Career Award. This award recognizes scholarship with a national and international reputation, outstanding service in promoting scholarship at UConn, and long term impact on UConn scholarship.

Prof. Willett was also part of a team at NATO’s Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation that was awarded the Science and Technology Organization Scientific Achievement Award for their “Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Information Fusion for Maritime Situational Awareness” project.

Prof. John Ayers was awarded the 2020 School of Engineering Distinguished Engineering Educator Award in recognition of his outstanding teaching at the undergraduate level over the last 30 years.

Prof. David Tonn received the 2020-21 CETL Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award for his commitment to teaching.

Prof. Bahram Javidi was awarded the C.E.K Mees Medal from the Optical Society, which recognizes original uses of optics in across multiple fields.


Graduate Student Awards

Raja Hari Gudlavaletti received the Bronze Prize of the DTS Student Research Award at the 20th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting for his poster “Highly Miniaturized, Low-Power CMOS ASIC for Long-Term, Needle Implantable CGMs“, co-authored with Allen Legassey, Pik-Yiu Chan, Joon-Sung Kim and Profs. Diane J. Burgess, Fotios Papadimitrakopolous, and Faquir Jain.

Graduate Students Daniel Trombetta, Ghananeel Rotithor, and Iman Salehi and their advisor Prof. Ashwin Dani were selected as a finalist for the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) World Congress 2020 Application Paper Prize for their paper “Human Intention Estimation using Fusion of Pupil and Hand Motion.”



Roman Mays GEM Fellowship
Peter Douglas GAANN Fellowship
Aalvee Asah Kausani GAANN Fellowship
Elizabeth Baranovic GAANN Fellowship
Brandon D’Agostino GAANN Fellowship
Arshiah Mirza GE Fellowship
Zhe Zhang GE Fellowship
Yishu Bai GE Fellowship
Tashfiq Kashem GE Fellowship
Alex Maric GE Fellowship
Adnan Mohammad GE Fellowship
Brandon D’Agostino REU Fellowship
Suleyman Demirhan REU Fellowship
Colt Nichols REU Fellowship
Raihan Khan Intern Fellowship
Mina Sadeghi Najafabadi Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Zongze Li Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Rakiul Islam Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Saidjafarzoda Ilhom Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Hamza Omar Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Gang Yao Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Andrew FInelli Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Zhe Zhang Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Adnan Mohammad Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Kushboo Mittal Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Wenjie Huang Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Jiachen Tu Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Husien Salama Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
James Wilson Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Zongyuan Shen Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Raja Gudlavaletti Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Arshiah Mirza Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Hasan Talukder Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Altan Unlu Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Tashfiq Kashem Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Xuesong Lu Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Raihan Khan Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Kushboo Mittal Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Rakiul Islam Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Raja Gudlavalletti Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Brittany Smith NSF-GRFP


TA Awards

Tashfiq Kashem Fall 2019 TA Award
Ryan Saltus Fall 2019 TA Award