Faculty Advising Resources


(Manage advisees, review/approve plan of study,  run student academic reports, etc.)
Quick reference [link]


(keep record of student advising)
Quick reference [link]

EE/CMPE/EngPhys Degree and Curriculum Information

(Course selection guides, curriculum sheets, etc.)
Quick access to curriculum sheets for the current catalog year:
EE [link], CMPE [link], EngPhys [link]

Graduation Substitution Form

(for advisor to submit course substitution requests for their advisees to meet certain requirements)
Quick reference [link]

Step-by-step Plan of Study Guide

(to share with advisees on how to make PoS)

Registrar’s Office Forms

(including Student Schedule Revision Form for Late Add, Course Withdraw, Time Conflict, Repeat a Course for a Third Time, Add Independent Study, Section Swap, Place a Course on Pass/Fail, Remove from Pass/Fail, etc.)

Undergraduate Catalog

(Course descriptions,  etc.)