Biophotonics General Exams

Biophotonics Track

For students pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in the Biophotonics track, grades of B and above are required in the following courses:

BME 5100: Physiological Modeling (life science course required for BME Major)
BME 5210: Biomedical Optics: Tissue optics, instruments, and imaging
BME 6450: Optical Microscopy and Bio-imaging
BME 6500/ECE 6301: Biomedical Instrumentation I
ECE 5101: Introduction to System Theory
ECE 5201: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
ECE 5231: Fundamentals of Photonics
ECE/BME 6125: Digital Image Processing
ECE/BME 6126: Opticcs for Biomedical Engineers
ECE/BME 6143: Image Recognition