Computer Engineering General Exams

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  1. The general exams will be given twice per year (January and May), in general, during the same week as the Systems general exams.
  2. Written Exams will be required on 4 courses (PhD and MS-Plan B). General Exams may not be taken on independent study courses.
  3. Exams will be open books / no Internet accesss
  4. There will be an oral component of the general exam (typically as part of the prospectus defense).
  5. An average score of at least 70% will be required for passing the written exams taken by a student (exact passing score is instructor’s decision depending upon exam difficulty).
  6. Ph.D. Students will be required to finish their exams within their first 6 semesters.
  7. Students will have only 2 attempts to pass their exams. The student needs to repeat only the failed exams.
  8. Students will have to take the exams either all at the same time or in blocks of two courses at a time.

The computer engineering exams is four hours long and consists of four questions listed below. Corresponding courses in which the subject matter is tested are also listed. The problems are at the level of advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses in the area, but are not necessarily restricted to the material covered in these specific courses. Both Ph.D. and M.S. Plan B students are required to pass this section.

Computer Architecture

  1. ECE 4302 Computer Organization and Architecture
  2. ECE 5402 Computer Architecture

VLSI Design and Digital Logic Design

  1. ECE 3421 VLSI Design and Simulation 

  2. ECE 5401 Digital Systems Design 

  3. ECE 6421 Advanced Digital VLSI Design


  1. CSE 4300 Operating Systems
  2. CSE 5300 Advanced Computer Networks
  3. CSE 5306 Advanced Operating Systems
  4. ECE 6095 Advanced Storage Systems


  1. CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity
  2. CSE 5500 Algorithms