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Since the invention of the integrated circuit in 1968, electrical and computer engineers have been able to double the number of transistors per chip every eighteen months. This exponential progress, unprecedented in other fields, has made electrical and computer engineering the most dynamic fields of enterprise today. Electrical and computer engineers design and implement devices, circuits, and systems for communication, computing, power, control, medical diagnostics, and transportation. Computer engineering is focused more on digital hardware and software systems, such as computers, operating systems, digital communication systems including digital telephones and high-definition television, medical instruments, internets and networks, and embedded processors for automotive, entertainment, and communication applications. Electrical engineering is broader, encompassing digital hardware systems but also instrumentation, power, consumer electronics, digital still cameras and video cameras, lasers, fiber optics, photonic devices, superconductors, semiconductor devices such as high-speed transistors, automotive and aerospace control systems, and military tracking and control applications.

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