UConn Radio Electronics Club



Our Mission:

1. Build and promote enthusiasm about radio electronics
2. Mentor students through the ham radio licensing process
3. Teach about various radio electronics topics
4. Encourage experimentation through projects and demos




Want to learn how to receive an image from space? Or to use the sky to communicate with other people all over the world? UConn Radio Electronics Club will help you do that!

In just one semester since our creation in December 2021, we have learned how to use software defined radio (SDR++) to receive images from weather satellites and the International Space Station, prepare for the amateur radio licensing exam, built and tested our own yagi antennas, and learned how to use KiCAD for printed circuit board design (PCB)!

In the coming semester, we would like to pick from a few of the following topics to delve into:

● Vector network analyzers (VNAs)
● Further use and test our antennas and build more!
● PCB design+construction for FM transceiver circuits










President: Kevin Knowles

Suggestions for projects or topics welcome!

Join us on UConntact or Discord.

Left: Vintage Radio Communication Museum 

More photos available.