Computer Engineering Degree General Information

One of the new degree programs offered by the School of Engineering is in Computer Engineering.

This degree is jointly sponsored by the Computer Science and Engineering Department and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The Computer Engineering degree is designed to meet the rapidly expanding demand for engineers with strong design skills in this field. The program emphasizes the design and fabrication of computing devices, the inclusion of computers in real-time systems, and the underlying computer technology involved in computer and communication networks.

The first two years of study are the same as for the Computer Science and Engineering degree and the Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. It includes core coursework in mathematics, science, and computer and electrical engineering. It also includes most of the general education requirements. The junior and senior years comprise a balanced curriculum in computer science augmented with courses in digital systems. Focus areas during the upper division include real-time computing systems, communication and computing networks, and VLSI design/fabrication.