Engineering Physics General Information

One of the new degree programs offered by the School of Engineering is in Engineering Physics.

The B.S. program in Engineering Physics is offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and SciencesDepartment of Physics. The goal of the interdisciplinary Engineering Physics program is to offer engineering students a more in-depth exploration of physical principles paired with a solid background in quantitative skills and mastery in an engineering discipline. The major requires 134 credits of course work including 4 credits of senior thesis.

The first two years of study are similar to the curricula required for ECE undergraduates and parallel the Engineering Physics coursework undertaken by students enrolled in Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy & Materials Engineering. Included are courses in mathematics, science, computer and electrical engineering, and humanities. The junior and senior years comprise a balanced curriculum in electrical engineering and physics.


Engineering Physics Program Educational Objectives

The Engineering Physics undergraduate program educational objectives are that our alumni/ae:

  • contribute to current and future scientific and technological developments in the areas of physics and electrical, mechanical and materials science engineering.
  • excel in engineering and physics careers and responsible citizenship in industry, government, academia and other professional practices.
  • engage in professional development or graduate education to pursue flexible career paths.

Engineering Physics Student Enrollment and Graduation Statistics

Enrollment Year  Freshman Sophomores Juniors Seniors Graduates*
Fall 2016  13 11 8 14 4

*Graduates are reported from May of the respective year.