Emerging Technologies in a Societal Context


Over the years, Prof. Rajeev Bansal has been writing columns for two of the IEEE professional magazines (Antennas and Propagation Magazine and Microwave Magazine), where he looks at emerging technologies in a broad societal context. A selection of columns was published by Wiley/IEEE Press (2017) as “From ER to E.T.: How Electromagnetic Technologies Are Changing Our Lives.” Working with his ECE colleagues Profs. Ayers and Silva, he also developed and taught a course (ECE 4099W) for electrical/computer engineering students, where they learn to discuss the larger context of engineering solutions. Recently, Prof. Bansal has become affiliated as a policy research scholar with the Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes (CSPO), a leading Washington DC think tank on technology and policy issues (http://cspo.org/). In a new post for CSPO’s #AsWeNowThink blog, he takes a look at how the federal push for rapid 5G deployment may be sidelining local authorities: http://bit.ly/2M4QRH6.

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Published: August 7, 2019

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