Peter Luh and Shengli Zhou inducted into UConn NAI Chapter

Left to right: Dr. Cato Laurencin (President of UConn chapter of NAI), Prof. Shengli Zhou, and Dr. Radenka Maric (VP for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship)


Profs. Peter Luh and Shengli Zhou were inducted as members of the UConn Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) in a ceremony at the Mark Twain House in Hartford on Dec. 18 2019.  Prof. Luh was recognized for his record of accomplishments in the field of optimization.  Most recently,Prof. Luh received a patent along with Prof. Peng Zhang, colleagues, and students titled “Enabling Resilient Microgrid through Ultra-Fast Programmable Network”.  The invention describes systems and methods for integrating ultra-fast programmable networks in microgrid are disclosed to provide flexible and easy-to-manage communication solutions, thus enabling resilient microgrid operations in the face of various cyber and physical disturbances.  Prof. Zhou was inducted in recognition of his leadership in underwater acoustic communications.He co-invented the patent “Apparatus, which addresses the problems with systems and methods for enhanced multi-carrier based underwater acoustic communications” addresses the problems with Doppler effects induced by platform motions when communicating with high data rate multi-carrier based acoustic transmissions.  The invention uses a two-step approach to mitigate frequency-dependent Doppler drifts and are advantageously applicable for fast-varying underwater acoustic channels.

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Published: January 28, 2020

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